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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Double Dare

I received an e-mail today containing ALL of the following words.  I dare you to write me a comment using each and every one of them :)

 neglected          embark            collegial                  sheerly
 compelled         auspiciously     proximal                 suffice
 adherence         ascertainably    approbate              bolsters
 credence           conveyance     grandiose                baronial
resplendent        teeming            vitality                    commence

I dare you :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favorite Christian Women

Recently my mom passed along a humorous video by Anita Renfroe see it here:

I thought it was super funny and showed it to my husband, Joe.  His comment afterwards was, "Yeah, that was funny, they could have gotten a better rapper though." (I will not yet speak on how many white, female rappers I am aware of).  I tried to explain that it was Anita Renfroe, a famous Christian speaker, author, and which my wonderful husband replied...and I quote..."The only Christian woman I know is Beth frickin' Moore....and Joyce Meyer...and Jill Ferguson."

At first I was simply surprised at my dear husband's lack of knowledge...then I freaked out a bit when I realized I didn't even make the list.  Gee Wiz! I guess I need to work on being a Christian Woman :)

Anyways, I decided to share a list of a few of my favorite Christian Women, you can listen to them, read their work, and hopefully be encouraged by many of their ministries!

1. Beth Moore, she's awesome!  I have participated in several of her studies and been challenged each time!  You can find more about her at My favorite study that she has done is Breaking Free. Check it out!

2. Joyce Meyer, amazing author and speaker! Find more about her at

3. Priscilla Shirer, WOW, she can teach Scripture!!! I have learned SO much through her studies! Check her out at I especially enjoyed Can We Talk?

4. Anita Renfroe makes the list! She is SO funny and yet has great insight into living a godly life as a woman, wife, and mother.

There are also women who have had a significant impact on my life personally.

1. My MOM! In honor of Mother's Day, I just have to say that my mom has been an excellent example of being a godly wife and mother! YAY Gloria Phillips!

2. Betsi Calhoun, she is a beautiful example of a woman chasing after God!  I learned so much about ministry and being married to a man in full time ministry from her!

3. Jill Ferguson, congrats on making my husband's list! You're on mine too!  Thank you for showing me that Christian women in full-time ministry can be funny, creative, goofy, and all-around AWESOME!

4. Wendy Adams, you are such an amazing example of following God completely and trusting Jesus with your whole heart!

Of course my list could go ON and ON, what about you? What Christian women have impacted your life???

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Drop Your Smile

A wise man once said, "Smiling's my favorite!" (Buddy the Elf). 

A few weeks ago I was in a frenzy trying to get a handle on motherhood, heading back to work, trying to be super-wife...oh yeah, and running errands in my 3-hour window I am afforded in between Sicily feedings.

In my frantic approach to my final stop Ross (to find new jeans to fit my non-pregnant, not pre-pregnant body), I was startled by a young man talking to me.  He calmly said, "Ma'am, you dropped something." Now, this is not alltogether uncommon, I am quite clumsy. I of course turn quickly around to see if my phone fell out of my purse, or perhaps there was a large roll of cash in the parking lot that I could "mistake" as mine.  To my surprise, there was nothing behind me, so I look back at this kid quizzically and he says, "You dropped your smile."  BLAST! (This is my favorite 'curse' word).  In all my frantic running around, I had adopted a serious, no-nonsense expression that screamed to everyone I saw that I was unapproachable and unfriendly!  It took a 17-year-old kid to point out to me that I had "dropped my smile."

Since then, I have been trying to find small "smile moments" throughout each day. Most recently my moments come from sharing smle time with my amazing little girl! She has discovered her smile and more recently her tongue and giggle muscles.  It's impossible to look at her smiling face and not smile back....don't believe me...check out this cutie!

You can get a smile moment from just about anything!  Look at God's beauty all around you (notice that cloud in the shape of a unicorn), read a favorite scripture (Psalm 73:25-26), notice that sweet elderly couple holding hands in Wal-mart.  I have challenged myself to find 3 smile moments every day so that I will no longer "drop my smile."  How about you, what is your favorite smile moment?

My First Time

So, I'm blogging now...
I really don't quite know what I will say, if I will choose to be clever (Joe loves when I'm clever), or if anyone will choose to read my musings. But, nevertheless, I will blog. It seems to be the hipster thing to do, and I have always fancied myself a hipster :)  I mean, seriously, I have a facebook, a twitter, I'm even on foursquare....a blog seems like the next logical step. So, who will read me and what should I write about (meaning really, what will you actually read)?

I love you non-existent followers!